How to Do Free Form Writing April 19, 2009

1.    Notice the anger. When you feel yourself going into upset, notice. Your attention is a very powerful force for change. Get out a pad of paper, a pen and:

a.    Write the anger out onto the page.
b.    Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, even words.
c.    Don’t think, feel. This is less of an intellectual exercise; it’s an expression of the heart.
d.    Keep writing until the anger is spent. If you still feel upset, keep going.

2.    Destroy the pages; don’t read them.

Reading the pages will take the energy back in. Ideally, burn the pages, but if that’s not practical, tear them up into little pieces or run them through a paper shredder. The idea here is to feel the anger, experience the anger, have that energy run down your arm, through your fingers, out the end of your pen, and then out onto the page.  When you burn the page, the line of energy has been released and is then lifted up and out.

3.    When the anger goes out, self-forgiveness goes in.

Look into a mirror, look into your eyes and lovingly say out loud “I forgive myself for judging myself for ________________.” Fill in the blank with your self judgment.

4.    Anchor the learning with “the truth is…” statements.

Whenever you remove one thing, replace it with something of equal or greater value. When you remove a negative judgment about yourself, replace it with a positive statement. For example:  “The truth is, I am a beautiful (smart, strong, powerful, loving) person, perfect just the way I am.”

“In the course of the journey, we can expect that many times we will lose that balance point and be pulled to one side or the other. But we will regain it, because there is a wisdom in our very bones that knows that the balance point between our humanity and our divinity is the seat of our compassion – the home of true happiness.”

– Ram Dass

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